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Management of Makedonijaturist a.d.

The Assembly of Shareholders approves of the annual balance sheet and the financial statement, and makes the decisions through majority of the shareholders’ votes, for all crucial issues such as:
  • Amendment and complement of the Founding Act of the company
  • Nomination and releasing from duty of the Supervisory Board members
  • Approval of statutory changes, transformation of the company
  • Termination or liquidation of the company
  • Increase or decrease of the capital principal
  • Approval of the Management and Supervisory Boards operation
  • Adoption of the annual balance sheet and profits usage

The Management Board manages the company’s operation. It is consisted of three members nominated by the Supervisory Board. The Management Board submits a report to the Supervisory Board on the company operation, annual balance sheet draft, annual report as well as reports on the company’s financial statement.

Makedonijaturist Management Board consists of:
  • Done Tanevski – Management Board Chairman
  • Sonja Bibanovska – Management Board Member
  • Mirjana Tanevska-Efremova – Management Board Member

The Supervisory Board is consisted of five members nominated and appointed by the company’s Assembly and in accordance with the valid law regulations in the Republic of Macedonia and the Company’s Statute, the Supervisory Board supervises the company management, reviews the draft decisions of the Management Board regarding the operation, checks the documents, acts, property and makes the decisions through voting majority. The Supervisory Board consists of:
  • M.Sc. Verica Hadzivasileva Markovska – Supervisory Board Chairman
  • Prof. Tito Belichanec,  Ph.D. – Supervisory Board Member
  • Prof. Vancho Uzunov – Supervisory Board Member
  • Prof. Vasil Popovski – Supervisory Board Member
  • Grigor Koprov – Supervisory Board Member