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Makedonijaturist a.d. Skopje

Makedonijaturist was founded in April 1963 as an organization dealing with tourism and catering, through integration of the three existing hotel organizations in Skopje at the time, thus creating a large and respectful hotel & catering company, covering more than 70% of the total accommodation capacity in the City. Back than, Makedonijaturist consisted of seven hotels with restaurants: Makedonija, Jadran, Turist, Bristol, Skopje, Moskva, Saraj and Invalidski Dom; seven snack bars, one café bar, one bar, eleven cantinas and four summer-terraces. After the 1963 devastating earthquake several buildings were completely destroyed, yet they were reconstructed and others were newly built.

In 1990 Makedonijaturist was transformed and reorganized as a Joint Stock Company and in 1995 in accordance with the privatisation process, the shareholders held their first constitutional assembly electing their managing bodies. Since than Makedonijaturist operates successfully as a Joint Stock Company, owning and operating nine profit centres and employing over 300 professionals.

Today, Makedonijaturist is the largest and most successful Company in the Republic of Macedonia, in its field of business: hotels & catering and tourism, owning and operating the following profit centres:




  • Restaurant Ogniste (within Holiday Inn Skopje)

With their professionalism and extensive experience in the hotel & catering business, Makedonijaturist gained the trust and confidence of enormous number of local and international clients, who continuously and consistently demonstrate their loyalty always choosing our hotels and restaurants.