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Makedonijaturist as an organization in the field of catering and tourism was founded in April 1963. with the integration of three existing hotel organizations in Skopje. This type of association allowed the creation of a large and eminent hotel-catering organization that covered through 70% of the total capacity for accommodation of tourists in the city. At that time, the material basis of Makedonijaturist consisted of seven hotels: Macedonia, Jadran, Tourist, Bristol, Skopje, Moscow, Saray and Disabled Home, all with their own restaurants. The Macedonian restaurant had seven more buffets, a café, a bar, eleven canteens and four summer gardens. After the earthquake in 1963, which caused great damage to property and several objects were completely destroyed, many of the buildings were restored, and new buildings were built.

In 1990 HUP Makedonijaturist is transformed and organized as a joint-stock company, and in 1995. the constituent assembly of the shareholders was held, according to the achieved additional privatization, and the management bodies were elected. From 1995 To this day, Makedonijaturist operates successfully as a joint-stock company, having nine (9) profit centers and employing 300 professionals in its field.

Makedonijaturist ad. today is the largest and most successful company in the field of hotel and restaurant services and owns the following:


Holiday Inn Skopje -

 BEST WESTERN Hotel Turist -

❖ Hotel Karpos

 Hotel Bellevue

 Hotel Vodno

 Hotel Bristol

 Hotel Jadran

Makedonijaturist ad. with its professionalism and many years of experience in hotel and catering operations, has won the trust of a huge number of domestic and foreign clients who continuously show their loyalty using the services of our hotel and restaurant facilities.

Awards and recognitions:

Proof of the successful long-term operation of Makedonijaturist ad, the professionalism and the achieved results of the hotels and restaurants, are the numerous prizes received, among which are several:

2000 - Award received from the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia for particular results in the promotion and organization of operations, production, trade and services for four years in a row

2001- Award in competition with 152 hotels and restaurants in the world, and received at the 26 awarding of the International Tourism, Hotel and Catering Award by Mercado Mundial, a world-class organization from Spain

2001- New Holiday Hotel Award in the Holiday Inn chain, awarded by BAC Hotels and Resorts for Holiday Inn Skopje, as the best high-quality hotel that joined the chain.

2003-2012 - BEST WESTERN Hotel Turist is the winner of the prestigious "Quality Award" from 4.000 to 2003 in competition from 2012 hotels from around the world. "Quality Award" is a golden award for quality and successful implementation of world hotel standards, and it is awarded by BEST WESTERN International

2004- BEST WESTERN Hotel Turist is the winner of the "Best Hotel in Macedonia" award, awarded by the Macedonian Competitiveness Activity (MCA), funded by USAID

2005 - BEST WESTERN Hotel Turist won the "Sun of the Year" Award, which was awarded by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia. This award of the BEST WESTERN Hotel Turist was awarded in the category "Best catering service in hotel business"

2010 - BEST WESTERN Hotel Bellevue is the winner of the "Excellence in Quality and Standards" award as a quality award and successful implementation of the world hotel standards, and is awarded by BEST WESTERN International

2012 - Holiday Inn Skopje is the winner of the award for the most successful hotel as a reward for quality and successful working, and it is awarded by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia

Awards and recognitions awarded by our valued guests as an expression of their satisfaction

Why Makedonijaturist ad?

In its more than 45-year-old history of history, Makedonijaturist ad. build a reputation for a strong, dynamic and visionary company that knows how to learn and progress, develop and win in competitive and constantly changing market conditions. Respecting the most important values ​​in our clients, partners, our expert team, shareholders and based on our professional and precise work, we have positioned ourselves as a company that delivers quality service and continually expands mutual loyalty and trust with its customers built over the years. Over the course of more than four decades of creative work, the company has contributed immensely to transforming and modernizing the local market in the field of hotel and restaurant services and based on its visionary business operations, constant growth strategy, continuous investment and successful customer relations, Makedonijaturist а.д. has become synonymous with a prosperous and professional company worthy of being trusted. Only a part of the reasons we can trust is the following: years of experience in the field of tourism and hospitality hotel owner as part of the world's chains Holiday Inn and Best Western which is a guarantee of impeccable quality and service experienced, professional and always oriented to the client offering a high quality service a vast portfolio of services that can be offered to implement all your requirements quickly, quality, accurate and timely.

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